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At Engage Campaigns, we are committed to helping progressive causes and candidates succeed in Kitsap County and throughout Western Washington. We believe in engaging voters on local issues, not just D.C. politics. We aim to involve every voter in our community, whether they are a first time voter or a long time activist. By establishing a meaningful connection with voters, we are able to better understand their needs and effectively win campaigns.



We believe healthy, successful communities start with engaged citizens and accountable elected representation. At Engage Campaigns, our clients, volunteers, and staff are dedicated to:


Reaching voters where they are, whether its on their phone, doorstep, or social media account.


Listening to voters by providing in-person and online opportunities to engage.


Utilizing technology through social media, voter databases, email services, and targeted advertising.


Building community. We live here too. Let's work together to keep home the best place there is.


“We are the change that we seek.”

president barack obama



Formally Biggs Associates, Engage Campaigns was created in 2017 as a partnership between Mark Biggs, Angelo Garcia, and Katherine Woods to support progressive campaigns in Kitsap County and Western Washington.

Our team formed in fall of 2015 after working together through local Democratic Party organizations. Mark is a past Chair of the 35th Legislative District Democrats and Katherine is immediate past Chair of the Kitsap County Democrats.

With more than 30 years of combined campaign experience, Engage Campaigns is dedicated to providing a wide range of services for partisan, non-partisan, and judicial candidates, as well as issue committees.


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